This is likely the worst and the best project I’ve worked on since being at AECOM.  About a year ago I worked on it initially for several interior and exterior renders – converting the scene from Vray to mental ray, making changes to the structure, as well as getting nearly 10 high resolution renders done in less than a week.  I pulled a number of all-nighters and yet I didn’t get it finished by the deadline.  I was devastated, my first missed deadline.  I still completed it though, 2 days later.  Today, with all the things I’ve learned since then in optimization and post-production, I would’ve gotten it done sooner for sure.

Fast-forward to November 2013 and I’m back on the project.  This time with more time, I’m tasked with only rendering a large (approx. 9000×6000 px) exterior image for public viewing.  Modeling the DMU, making more structural changes, and updating the surrounding site to match previous renders, I spent about 2 weeks updating and rendering a high-resolution exterior shot.  In the render, I only worked on materials, render settings, post production, and minor structural changes, such as adding the UP Express logo cutout panel; retexturing and modeling overhead parking signage; fixing jersey barriers and road maps; modeling Pearson Airport and existing APM station; modeling and texturing the Diesel Multi-Unit (DMU); converting textures on Honda CR-V (not my original model); and fixing mullions and glazing on the station itself. 

You can see the station under construction now +75% complete and my render at the existing APM Station at Toronto-Pearson International Airport.
*UPDATE* The station completed construction last year and is operational.

UP Express News – Progress at Pearson

Note: The original site model (station, parking lot, plane, Honda CR-V, rails) were not modeled by me.  Only converting and modifying materials and textures for those assets were done by me.

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