Nearly 6 months later, I have been cleared to post this. I was tasked by the waste department within AECOM during June 2013 to create several renders for a public announcement of a landfill reconfiguration in Stoney Creek. Over a short period of time, and finished with a week to spare, I managed to realistically model, texture, animate (for a video that wasn’t rendered), render, and composite seven high quality 5100×3300 stills for a public presentation in the beginning of July. Using PDF drawings, Google Street View, and several reference photos, I generated a scale model of the before and after landfill site and surrounding environment – including existing and future residential communities, commercial businesses, proper intersections, and vegetation.  This is also one of my first projects where I heavily took advantage of using Xrefs.  Forest pack vegetation, residential and commercial models, traffic, and the roads were all cross-referenced to a central file that help increase viewport response and reduce render time.

Newalta Stoney Creek Landfill