While I’ve worked on producing renderings for this project several times over the last year, the latest iteration employed Corona Renderer along a 4.5km stretch of track in the Port Union region of Toronto.  Proposing 4-tracks over the existing 2-track layout and the future implementation of electrification of the GO train routes, I rendered Highland Creek Bridge (HCB) and Rouge River Bridge (RRB), and several retaining walls in-between that were designed by my colleagues.  The abutments of RRB would call for a variation of corten steel plates at varying distances from the concrete behind, with nearby retaining walls building using fabric-formed concrete.  The inner retaining wall visible by train would remain as standard cast-in-place and a smaller wall near HCB would support thinner vertical corten steel plates.  Various other options were proposed, including formliners, corten steel, rammed earth and cast-in-place concrete.

Metrolinx Project Meetings
Public Meeting #3 September 2016
Public Meeting #2 May 2016