Starting back in April 2014, a colleague of mine, Joel Gerber and I started a competition to design and render a place of worship in London, U.K.  Over the course of the next several months, together we brainstormed, collaborated, modeled, and rendered a place of collaboration and knowledge of Theology.  Though we didn’t win or nail an honourable mention, we enjoyed working together and hope to work together in the future.

The breakdown of work lends most of the write-up, overall design, and board design to Joel whereas I modeled, textured, lit, rendered, and performed the post-processing.  The original size of both boards was A2 (492mm x 520mm).  Much of the furniture I used to help dress the scene was brilliantly designed by ODESD2, with additional use of the Fill my bookshelves script, the Grow Ivy script, Photoshop CS6, and Forest Pack Lite.

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