Igor Sirotov Architect

http://igorsirotov.com/ I was browsing CG Record this morning and came across S-House by Igor Sirotov.  Being featured on a CG site usually means the image is computer generated.  Even on Sirotov’s website, nowhere does he state that this is rendered.  Right away I – as well as an architect colleague where I work – noticed little […]

Viarde Feature – Smolniy Park

I’ve featured this studio before and this is the second time I’ll do it mainly because when I saw this post on evermotion.org this morning, I was absolutely blown away.  The diffuse lighting tucked up in the crown where the ceiling meets the wall; the neutral but warm greys and browns; material and scene composition; […]

Gotta Love Google :)

I turned 22 today and always being signed in to my Google account, Google does something special on your birthday.  Google, you’re awesome!

Fantastic Renders

http://kostan81.blogspot.ca/2013/01/house-on-hill.html I just found another great set of visualizations by Kostik on Evermotion.  Titled House on the Hill, this incorporates a general layout that I would love to have in the future.  The materials used are high quality and random, giving the sense of realism over the patterned textures you often find in visualizations. This guy […]


http://www.behance.net/gallery/AEON/6360365 Came across a great set of renders by THESHD on Behance.  The overall feel is as if a photo was taken there, without overpowering glare from the light fixtures and highlights.  As well, the attention to detail in the kitchen and on the couch inspire me to do more projects like this.  On a […]

Amazing Interior – Barochnaya

http://viarde.com/projects/residental/barochnaya-street Image Removed Just found a project uploaded to Evermotion while waiting for projects to respond at work.  Incredible attention to detail, CG materials vs real world materials is nearly indistinguishable, and just the overall feel is cozy. Update: The owner restricted the images on Evermotion to members only – I linked it to the project website […]