The wonderful world of iToo’s Forest Pack

Aside from 3ds Max and Corona Renderer being at the forefront of my toolbox, iToo’s Forest Pack Pro is perhaps my most used plugin, capable of seamlessly and efficiently scattering everything from grass, trees, light fixtures, road markings, street furniture, to even vehicles like cars, trucks, buses and construction equipment. To that end, I’ve created […]

Mental Ray – Depth of Field

Last night I decided I wanted to try creating depth of field in mental ray with a camera than to do it with the Photoshop filter in post.  I’ll admit, the results are stunning.. however the length of time to reach the final product is far too long.  Yes my computer I used at work […]

RealFlow Sink Test

Lately I’ve been playing with RealFlow, and I never realized how easy it is to pick up.  Initially I wanted to make a simulation of water making its way down my waterslide but after watching a tutorial on bringing RealFlow into 3ds Max with water and a sink, I thought I would do the same […]

3ds Max Plugin – VRay IES I have yet to try it, however the thought of it is great.  One thing Max and VRay still don’t have is a good tool to use IES and how they look without rendering.  A simple graph doesn’t do the lights justice.

3ds Max Plugin – Ant Stitcher

A colleague and I had to do some pretty tedious stuff for a project, something that would take hours to do and required to modify thousands of individual vertices.  Searching and searching for scripts led to the discovery of Ant Stitcher.  This is a great tool and drastically decreased our time of moving verts.  It costs $50 but its worth it, saves time and money – both very valuable – in the end.