Updated my portfolio with a personal project!

One Month In

I thought I’d share an update since I’ve been quiet for about a month.  Work has been slow since the new year with no real work on major projects except for one – which I hope to share in a few weeks.  I did however – which is shown below – model a New Flyer […]

3D Asset – Fare Vendors

Here’s a trio of fare vendors I remodeled and textured, all three to scale and using correct textures.  The oneRide vendor uses a 1024×1024 diffuse, specular, and gloss; whereas the vivaNow and Presto machines share a 2048×2048 diffuse and 1024×1024 specular and gloss maps. I decided to go with a 2048×2048 for the diffuse to […]

3D Asset – Traffic Light Post

Here’s a collection of poles and arms to suspend the traffic lights I created earlier.  These were finished 2 weeks ago but I never had a chance to post them online.  The poles come in 2 heights: 16′ & 30′, while the arms come in 6 lengths (each extendable further than the base length) of: […]

3D Asset – Traffic Control Box

Another asset to go with my traffic light system, to help flush out a scene in the future by populating it with real world objects.  It consists of three 1024×1024 diffuse, specular, and gloss maps.

3D Asset – Traffic Light

My newest asset are traffic lights.  I had downloaded a free model before but it wasn’t set up the way I’d like and so I made my own.  There are multiple pieces that range from 220 polys up to 3,441 for full grouped systems.  There are 1024×1024 diffuse, specular, gloss and emissive maps plus 8 […]