Happy Black Friday to Me

Happy Black Friday to Me

Purchased a high-poly (and low is included) model of my favourite car, the Nissan GT-R to use in my visualizations and for my own stuff.  I’ve already retextured it and I plan on modifying it in the future.  The renders below are of the low-poly model.


Updated my portfolio with a personal project!

Greenhouse Box

Looking over Pinterest with my girlfriend, she wants to build a greenhouse box before summer kicks into full swing.  So I took to 3ds max to come up with two ideas I mimicked that I saw and this is what I came up with.

Washroom Update… Finally

Finally got back into my washroom scene I’ve been putting off for some time now.  My PC was rendering slower than usual so I wasn’t in the mood to attempt anything.  After making several purchases however – through CG-Axis, Evermotion, and Viz-People – I decided to dress my scene a bit and give it a […]

Mental Ray – Depth of Field

Last night I decided I wanted to try creating depth of field in mental ray with a camera than to do it with the Photoshop filter in post.  I’ll admit, the results are stunning.. however the length of time to reach the final product is far too long.  Yes my computer I used at work […]