Album Art Refresh 2019

Because I happen to be excessively finicky when it comes to how I organize my music, I’ve developed a grouping known as Sol to organize singles and random songs downloaded with no real home. Its divided up into various levels of likeness, from just I like this so I’ll download it to This is freakin’ fantastic, I need it on repeat. Over the last 4 to 6 months, however, it’s slowed down, only grabbing what I really like and keeping the others in Spotify or YouTube. I also only use no stars, 4 stars, or 5 stars for my internal rating system.

The number in brackets at the end of each folder represents the number of tracks each folder has at the time of writing (18-12-31).

The ordering is as follows:

  • Terra — The base album where most tracks start in my collection. Ambient/cinematic/chillout music mainly finds its home here without progressive down to the next folder. Can be rated 0 or 4 stars. (293)
  • Away From Here — Typically applies to songs that I really enjoyed that week when I got it. Can be rated 0 or 4 stars. (577)
  • Expanse — Is a halfway point between Away From Here and the next folder in line. Every track in here is rated 4 stars. If for whatever reason it loses its rating or I find the track no longer fits, it will be re-ID’d to Away From Here or Terra. (341)
  • Lunar Memories — This is the pinnacle of my favourite music. Everything is rated 5 stars. While this album is nearing 200 tracks, only the music that I can’t get enough of or truly admire for nostalgia make it in here. (192)
  • Alumni — Tracks in here are rated 5 stars but were top favourites from their previous homes – full albums or EPs. To help make space on my iPod or phone, I’d clean up albums that I don’t listen to much of anymore. But in my various favourites playlists, songs from these albums would pop up. So instead of keeping the whole album synced, I would extract the songs that I really like, slot them into Alumni, then archive the original album/EP and move it onto an external drive. (161)
  • Terra2 — This was created merely to reduce the sheer size of Terra in terms of filesize and offload 0-star rated music to a folder that doesn’t get synced to my media player. (2,182)
  • Away From Here 2 — Similar to Terra2, this is for tracks in Away From Here that are a year or more old with 0-stars and get off-loaded to a non-synced folder. (271)
  • Extended Mix — This was a place for continuous mixes from albums or live sets but has seen a drop in use over time. However, it is still in use, so it deserved a refresh. (84)
  • Solarium — This is very similar to Terra2 and Away From Here 2 but instead of 0-stars, this is an archive folder of favourited music from any folder that hasn’t had much listening over the last few years but was still a favourite so I won’t get rid of it. (391)

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