Tutorial: How to Equalize Textures in Photoshop

A fantastic yet incredibly simple tutorial on equalizing brightness when making tiling textures!



Isn’t it a beautiful concept to make textures using DSLR cameras? It is, until you won’t place them on a big surfaces and hit tiling problems like uneven brightness, visible seams, color shifts etc. There are few tricks to deal with these problems though. One of them was recently showed here. It inspired me to write this post and show you how I prepare my textures before I make them tileable.

Personally I rarely use Photoshop to paint out tiling. Programs like Pixplant or Imagesynth let you make tileable textures automatically using seed images. Although it’s not a perfect solution for wood and other organics, it can save a lot of time. Basically, you can take few photos of a surface, import it and get a tileable output with just a few clicks. Theoretically it works with all “raw” photos but practically it’s better to invest more time and…

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