One Month In

I thought I’d share an update since I’ve been quiet for about a month.  Work has been slow since the new year with no real work on major projects except for one – which I hope to share in a few weeks.  I did however – which is shown below – model a New Flyer Industries D40LF bus for York Region Transit and Toronto Transit Commision liveries.  This helps expand my ever growing library of models for a mainly transit oriented schedule at work.

I aimed for accuracy as much as possible and saved polys where possible and left much of the work to texturing.  The only thing both models share is a bump map, but they have unique Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Opacity, and Self-Illumination maps.

TTC & YRT NFI D40LF Bus Front TTC & YRT NFI D40LF Bus Rear


  1. johnlabrie says:

    Hi Tanner,
    Excellent work on the bus models! My name is John LaBrie, and I’m currently working on a training animation for YRT. Is your YRT bus (blue and white) available? Please email me at to let me know, I could definitely use it in my animation! Certainly, I would give you credit for creating the 3D asset. Thanks!

    • johnlabrie says:

      I meant available for purchase… obviously not for free. Please email me if you are willing to sell the 3D model. I use Maya, so I need either an FBX export or .ma/.mb, if possible. If not, I’ll settle for a .OBJ

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