http://www.logical-art.co.uk/ Came across a really nice, minimal memory stick design this morning.  Believe it or not, the USB storage end is the glass whereas the rose gold block is the cap.  Not much more to say, you can order one for £60 and free worldwide shipping.  I would like one but £60 is a bit expensive […]


The past weekend, I spent the majority of Saturday in Vaughan with my girlfriend and as we headed home, stopped by the Toronto Pearson International Airport to show her where I worked.  On the way back, we pulled over to check out the arriving planes that fly overhead and rumble the surroundings with the whail of […]

Labour Day Weekend Part I

Here is the first three photos from my Labour Day photos.  I got to borrow my sisters Canon Rebel T3i, and majority of the time it stayed on manual, allowing myself to exercise what I know about ISO, Shutter Speed, and f/stop and how to use them together. The first is lightly edited while the second is […]


http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1530895202/astro-time-lapse-motion-control This is probably my favourite find of the day.  A time-lapse control for any camera.  You can set the duration, angle, and speed at which it will rotate the camera – even on a vertical axis.  I love long-exposure and time-lapse photography, and with this project more than fully funded (8.25x the goal) I […]

BAM! In Your Face Sports Car Designs

http://www.behance.net/gallery/Mercedes-Benz-SF1-concept/2401896 The first is a Mercedes-Benz SF1 concept created by a designer known as Steel Drake.  Typically, I avoid Mercedes-Benz just because I don’t like the appearance, something about it bothers me.  But today I found a past concept that really grabs my eye. http://www.behance.net/gallery/Mercedes-Benz-SF1-Final-Design/4167727 This is the final design Steel Drake came up with.  If […]

Stylish Mouse

http://www.intelligent-design.nl/titanium_mouse.php This is a mouse that is overpriced but is minimalistic and I love it.  Despite my dislike for Apple, I do like their keyboard design and this mouse seems like it would pair nicely with a similar keyboard.