Jeff Patton Everywhere I turn, I see Jeff Patton, his work, tutorials, and content.  He’s a amazing CG artist and has been on my radar for some time.  I suggest taking a look.

Lantern Launch

Launched a paper lantern off of my girlfriend’s dock in Fenelon Falls this passed weekend with her brother and brother’s girlfriend.

Jaw Dropping There are few times that I’m thoroughly impressed by work people have done, because a lot of it seems the be the same and the envelope hasn’t been pushed.  However in the last few days, I’ve found some truly exceptional work in the CG field.  Starting with this:

Great In-Browser Tree Generator I have just found a new in-browser program that allows you to create trees and export them as .obj.  The program gives you the ability to change everything from trunk size, length, branches, taper, droop, sweep, etc.  It even has presets and textures, though I’m sure you can apply your own textures in your […]

Found My Next Graphics Card (Aside from a 600 Series GeForce Card)

Found My Next Graphics Card (Aside from a 600 Series GeForce Card)

I’m working off 2 GeForce 560 Ti 1Gb cards from home and while they work, they are meant for gaming not visualization.  At work, I have a Quadro 2000 1Gb card and it barely passes the bar for the intense rendering I try to put it through.  Hopefully the Maximus would be a nice addition to my machine and if I do get it and it works, perhaps it could mean my workstation could be upgraded 🙂

3ds Max Plugin – VRay IES I have yet to try it, however the thought of it is great.  One thing Max and VRay still don’t have is a good tool to use IES and how they look without rendering.  A simple graph doesn’t do the lights justice.