Charles Carreon Digging His Own Grave

Oatmeal’s Response to Carreon’s Demand

I’ve been following a story lately following Matthew “The Oatmeal” Inman and a lawyer for FunnyJunk, Charles Carreon.

FunnyJunk vs Oatmeal:

Carreon vs Oatmeal:

Carreon vs Everyone:

I personally think Oatmeal has every right to do what he’s doing in this campaign and perhaps Carreon slipped, bonked his head and isn’t thinking straight on this.  Nevertheless, Inman’s donations went through the roof in under 64 minutes @$20,000 and through the stratosphere in 24hours @$117,526.

Go here > to donate!

P.S., Like Matt said, don’t go and harass Carreon, that’s not the point to this fundraiser.

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