Astro Ashton

Posted by Tanner on May 1, 2012 in Main |No Comments

>> Astro Ashton <<

For the last 10 weeks I’ve been at a game studio in Aurora, Ontario called Gamepill [] for my college field placement.  It mainly does iOS and Android games, but it also does web based flash games, kiosks, educational games, social activities and is just about to get into the 3D game market as well.  They created Sasquatch Survivor that can be found on Google’s Play Store too.  Anyway this here is the product of about 3+ weeks of my hard work doing all the art for this game including the UI, screens, shop, assets, characters, titles, everything, except for the fuel can, twitter bird, and in-game starscape (thought the screens when not in-game are my creation).  I used Photoshop and rotoscoped Sir Richard Branson, Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis, and Ashton Kutcher to give it a cartoony, cut out look and feel.  There may be some issues as difficulty and amount of items on screen and lack thereof but there will always be little things and they will get corrected most likely if they haven’t been yet.

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